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Giancarlo Junyent

Executive Chef

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Giancarlo Junyent was born into a family of chefs and immersed in restaurant life.

His parents owned a traditional Italian restaurant where he spent most of his time in the kitchen. He had his parents as an example of hard work and what it takes for a restaurant to be successful. When he was 13 he started working in the kitchen and passed through all the positions until he became the chef of the restaurant at the early age of 18. In his 16-year journey as a chef, the restaurant was elected 3 times best Italian restaurant and best young chef in Rio de Janeiro by local newspapers. He graduated from Estacio de Sá cooking school with an Alain du Case formation in Brazil. Seeking personal side projects, he opened a burger company called Bubba’s Burger and Paella by the Beach. He also helped consult restaurants and owned an event called Segunda Segunda which was a local showcase of live Jazz, local craft beers, and good food. When he turned 28 he moved to New York City aiming for more experience and bigger projects. He worked in Tom Colicchio’s Temple Court restaurant for 3 years. He then became Executive Chef at Berimbau restaurant for 2 years where he was called to be part of the project of rebranding and creating an upgraded menu. Now he’s the executive chef of Ipanema where he will be showing both Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine with his modern and rustic style.